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Company Profile

XC Spa is known for offering exclusive and wide range in spa products. This ISO9001:2000 certified firm has a fine collection of swimming spa, outdoor spa, indoor spa and array of hot tubs; to boast and offer. All of its products go through extremely strict process of quality-control, while no piece is included in the supply to the vendors; if even a small cosmetic defect is found in it.

Technical faults are none to zero, in all the products of XC Spa, while it has a huge recognition in the market for its quality and customer service. All the products that is makes and sells, have innovate designs, multi-functionality and they are meant for massage, soaking, relaxation, as well as hydrotherapy to the user.

All the designs and manufacturing process is monitored by an experienced group of engineers, who expertise in this industry. XC Spa believes that if the product is appealing to the customer, it shouldn't just be aesthetically so, but it must also be excellent in utility as well. For that purpose, they make sure that all their products stay resistant to scoffing, warping and weathering.

They also have infrared sauna to cater the specific requirements of their customers. These are usually used to heat up the body, while there is less or no heat in the atmosphere inside the sauna chamber. Peculiar products like these have made XC Spa a market leader in its various segments of products. Going through its inventory once, would make anyone crave for the products that are enlisted there.

XC Spa Factory Tour

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