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Before you make the inquiry, please kindly read the information below. It will help you understand our company and product and order process.
we are in spa business since 2007
we reply your email in 10 hours
Product information:
please visit the product page and see the description and photos, then decide the model.
write detailed information to us in the below form
Delivery time:
spa in stock: 1 week for delivery out of China
spa no stock: 2 - 4 weeks for production and delivery
Order confirmation:
when you decide with spa and model, we will make the formal quotation to you for your final approval. after receipt of your approval, we will issue you the invoice, with this invoice, we can arrange the production.
make the wire transfer to our company account through your bank
we don't accept paypal or creditcard because all of our sales need go through company account, no private account available, thanks for your kind understanding
our company is d&b verified, you can find the company information at home page
we are responsible to arrange the delivery from China to your town by boat or plane if needed
shipping time will be 3 - 5 weeks depending on the distance between you and us
we give 25 years warranty for our spa for residential
we will not get your personal information public for any purpose, it is only for order inquiry, no other intent
please make sure you leave correct email address and telephone number, so we can come back to you with the information you need. with wrong email address, we can't get in touch with you quickly
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