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xc spa is the leader for outdoor spa, swim spa and infrared sauna in the market and manufactures various popular designs of hot tub and outdoor spa with high quality and lifetime warranty.

outdoor spa is an innovative-designed, multi-functional and well-manufactured spa full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy at home garden or backyard.

swim spa is equipped with high-tech and stainless steel jets and spa locates outdoor for enjoying natural scene and family swimming.

infrared sauna is designed for physical therapy to remove toxins and fatigue, also reduce stress and weight loss, and can increase blood circulation.

XC Spa has most capability of researching and creating new models outdoor swim spa. XC Spa is total solution for your family's spa requirement. New spa models will be here always, come back and find your interests.

outdoor spa
outdoor spas
swim spa
swim spa
swimming spa

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A swim spa is a fascinating mix of a small scale pools and hot tubs in one energizing bundle. This article will give you detailed descriptions of the aspects associated with swimming spas. Thus, it is important to keep all these considerations in mind.
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Outdoor spa is considered as a water treatment to relax your body and relieve your stress. Space is the most important factor you need to think about before installing an outdoor spa.
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Outdoor spa can bring many benefits to your health, including the generic and specific health benefits . Install one in your garden now and relieve yourself whenever you want.

About XC Spa

XC Spa will publish the latest designs of outdoor spa, swim spa and far infrared sauna, release the promotion models in our factory and recommend the hot sale models in the market. Outdoor spa and infrared sauna are new trend for family and hotel relaxing. Outdoor spa is one of life's finer pleasures and presents a fine opportunity to try something unusual and more in tune with a garden location for your bathroom design.

A spa is defined from a mineral spring or a hot spring. Spa therapy means a therapy with a mineral spring or a hot spring, which principal curative components are warm water and natural mineral, not just warm water in a general hydrotherapy. Curative effect of a spa therapy does not only depend on hot compress but also the mineral.

XC spas have a variety of hydro & pulsating hot air jets, perfect for body massage, offering the enjoyment for 4 seasons - summer, winter, spring and fall. Spas are more of a lifestyle change and less of a seasonal fad. A spa bathtub is used for therapy, relaxation and leisure, and installed in such leisure places as a toilet, a sunhouse, a basement, a swimming pool, a villa and a courtyard, yet a massage bathtub is just limited in a bathroom. Besides application, they differ obviously from each other in function and efficacy.